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Payroll Management

Are you struggling with payroll management? Is your small business payroll getting too much for your in-house to manage, It is time that you switched to outsourcing your payroll production to us!

Merely outsource your payroll to us to save valuable time and efforts. We are the perfect payroll service providers which add valuable support for your business.

Our payroll outsourcing services will not just add value to your business but will take the stress of the day to day management of your hands. You don’t need to worry about forms and deadlines. We will ensure your staff receive their without any errors.

How do we handle the payroll process?
  • We take the time to understand your business, current process of managing the payroll and future advancements.
  • Setting up and maintaining the employee details and pay cycles after reviewing the information submitted for processing.
  • Manual processing of out of cycle payments to cover leaves, bonus payments, commissions and dismissals.
  • HMRC - filing statutory forms and year-end returns,
  • Processing auto-enrolment and pension deductions.

Why choose us?
  • Dedicated Team – Proficient taskforce and an account manager readily available to answer any payroll queries
  • Providing e-payslips - Employees can see them anytime, anywhere; instantly access the historical payslips too.
  • Secured employee data – With us, you can expect an added layer of security in handling the employee data and records.
  • Bespoke reporting – Cost breakdown for departmental and process analysis and reports for decision making.
  • Timely updating of amended legislation – We are vigilant towards the legislation and its impact on the payroll and business. We update our systems real-time and proactively.

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